Android Apps for Staying Organized

Android offers busy people a convenient way to stay organized. It has the capability of coordinating the many to-do lists of our lives while being portable and easy to use and update. The Android also is sharable and accessible from any kind of device.

Android is a Google-powered operating system for smartphones created as an open source initiative which has gained popularity since its inception in 2008. According to Androlib (—a site that specializes in Android app searches and statistics—there are over 55,000 apps available in the Android Marketplace, and the number grows significantly everyday. There were only a mere 20,000 apps just a couple of months ago.

Many devices offer e-mail, calendar and to-do lists. What makes Android special is that it has native access to Gmail and Google calendar. The integration is seamless. It does not require third-party apps to connect you to your information, or require memberships to do the same.

Over 57 percent of the apps within the Android Marketplace are free according to Distimo, a mobile app store analytics company who specialize in studying the app store marketplace. Android has apps available for virtually every need, but I am going to focus on some important examples.

One such case is Astrid, an easy-to-use to-do manager that syncs with “Remember the Milk”—an online task manager. In Astrid, you can make grocery lists as well as take notes. This app can appropriately coordinate these items into your calendar while making sure that you don’t miss deadlines.

Another valuable tool is “Voice Recorder”—an application that can be used to record voice notes and memos to yourself when you’re on the go and unable to jot something down. You can use this while in transit commuting to and from school, work, etc. Inspirations for a novel, an obscure fact that you’ll want to recall later, or other important, yet possibly fleeting thoughts are what Voice Recorder is great at capturing.

I find “Note-Everything” particularly useful. This notepad application can be used to create notes of various kinds, from plain text, to voice recordings, lists, and even photo notes. You can create folders to organize and categorize your notes, making it easier for you to stay organized on-the-go.

I use these tools everyday to stay on top of things, and they ensure that I do not forget assignments, birthdays, chores, etc, but they only represent a small sample of the apps available at the Android Marketplace.

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