Android And Lego Solve Puzzles

What do you get when you combine the brains of Android with the body of Lego? If you’re UK-based chip designer and Lego enthusiast David Gilday, you get a DIY robot capable of solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Gilday’s Lego NXT robot is controlled by a Motorola Droid, and solved an oversized 7-by-7-by-7 Rubik’s Cube in only 38 minutes, 52 seconds. Video after the jump.

This isn’t the first puzzle-solving gadget that Gilday’s built. He previously built a Rubik’s-solving ARM-powered version of the MultiCuber robot. However, his latest feat is his largest yet–and with the addition of a smartphone, all the more impressive. You can see the puzzle solving action below:

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