Amazon Kindle Fire HD update includes kid-friendly FreeTime

Kids are increasingly becoming tech-savvy, and intuitive gesture-based interfaces are enabling better access to these devices. However, even if young children and early graders can easily tap, touch and swipe, parents still need to be wary about the content their kids can access through connected devices. This is one reason behind Amazon’s launch of its latest feature for the Kindle Fire HD.

Amazon’s FreeTime was announced when the Kindle Fire HD was launched, and was supposed to give parents better control over their — or their kids’ — devices. With FreeTime, you can set time limits on tablet usage, and you can even limit usage to specific apps or features. The software also has a kid-friendly interface, and lets parents easily track their kids’ progress.

Parents can easily exit FreeTime with a password to access the regular Kindle Fire HD apps and features. In this light, FreeTime also works as a multi-user system, in which parents can separate access between their content and their kids’. In their product launch Amazon was supposed to include the feature on the Kindle Fire, too, although this announcement makes no mention of whether FreeTime will also feature on the non-HD variant.

Amazon has also announced that their $199 Kindle Fire HD is their best-selling product so far. No exact sales figures were cited, though, so we’ll take their word for it.

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