Amazon: Kindle eBooks outsell hardbacks

Have you finally bought yourself a tablet? Do you read books on it?

If you have a book (a real one) lying about, then pick it up and nurture it, as they may become an endangered species.

I was (and still am, to a certain point) one of those naysayers who regard books as untouchable, and beyond the reach of technology. So, although I like the idea of eBooks and e-readers, I could never see them replacing proper books made from paper and cardboard.

However, Amazon is now claiming that eBooks are, in no uncertain terms, outselling hardback books.

Over the last three months, Amazon has sold 143 Kindle books for every 100 hardback books. In the last month, that differential has ramped up to 180 Kindle books for every 100 hardback books – Which is a pretty stunning result.

Amazon also revealed that the Kindle hardware has seen an increase in sales since theĀ price was cut last month. Like them or loathe them, it appears eBooks are here to stay. And that could spell the end for traditional books. Sadly.

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