32GB Google Nexus 7 $269 from Best Buy in Canada

The 32GB Google Nexus 7 has drummed up interest from tablet buyers who think 16GB is not enough for their storage needs. But even before any official announcement, rumors and leaks of the pricing have sprung up, such as the $249.99 pricing from Office Depot, which was quickly pulled out. This time, it looks like the 32GB variant has landed on some retail stores, and some lucky buyers already have their hands on the tablet for $269.

A 9to5Google reader sent in a few photos of his receipts and serial number stickers clearly indicating a price of CAD 269 for a 32GB Google Nexus 7 by ASUS, bought from Best Buy. Now since this is in Canada, that’s 269 in Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to about 269.30 in US greenbacks.

To confirm the model variant, the product label has several references to the storage capacity, being “1B32″ instead of “1B16″ for the 16GB variant or “1B8″ for the 8 gig one. Given this pricing, we might expect the same price levels once Google officially launches it on Google Play in the coming week.

Is anyone excited for the 32GB Google Nexus 7? Or do you think Google has something more interesting in store for us come October 29th?

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