Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a beat more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. Let’s take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! Best New Android apps from the last month Best Android games of 2016 Clash Royale [Price: Free with in-app purchases] The highly anticipated Clash Royale was released this last month. In fact, it was so highly anticipated that it’s already garnered over ten million downloads. This is a card collecting game that features a ton of characters, including some cameos from Supercell’s popular Clash of Clans game. It’s a lot like Hearthstone in that you collect cards and then duel them against other people over online multiplayer. You can also form clans, share cards, and more.Get it now on Google Play! Disney Magic Kingdoms [Price: Free with in-app purchases] Disney Magic Kingdoms is a collaborative effort between Gameloft and Disney. Your goal is to build a new theme park after the villains of Disney destroyed the old one. There are a metric ton of cameo appearances from Disney characters to give it that familiar feel. At its heart, the game is a builder simulation game that’s not altogether different from other Disney builder sims like Ice Age Village. It’s kid friendly and free to play.Get it now on Google Play! Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy [Price: $9.99] Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is a port from a cult classic PC game from 2005 of the same name. This game is an interactive narrative game where you play through the story, making decisions that ultimately affect the outcome of the […]

I hope you had the chance to check out our Android customization primer on IF by IFTTT for your Android Wear device last week. The project was simple enough, providing a little pop up notification whenever there is a new post on Android Authority. With the concept of pushing info to your Android Wear device out of the way, let’s now look at using your smartwatch as the button to run actions on your phone. Luckily, the folks at IFTTT have two tools for this project, The original IF can be used, or the newer DO Button, which, for our sake here today, is really just a streamlined version of IF. Before we begin You will require a fairly modern Android device to get started here today, you’ll also need an Android Wear device and to install both, or either, IF by IFTTT and DO Button by IFTTT. Both apps are free in the Google Play Store. DO Button – Google Play StoreIF – Google Play Store Thank you oelmekki for making sure we talk about DO Button here today, as it is the tool designed specifically for this sort of task. IF triggers still work fine, but DO is just faster and maybe even easier. Use your Android Wear device to trigger actions on your Android phone or tablet Ooops, a little delay getting this article published, not my fault, I promise! We’ve been vague so far, let’s outline a simple project to get you started. Let’s say that you want to tap a button on your Android Wear smartwatch that makes your phone fire up navigation to your home. Sure, there are many ways to do this, including Maps’ built-in ability to put a ‘navigate home’ button on your Homescreen, but we wanted something simple to get started. Fire […]

When the SHIELD Android TV first arrived, one of the big selling points was that the device would be able to run full-version PC games ported over to the Android operating system thanks to the SHIELD’s Tegra X1 hardware. Unfortunately, game devs haven’t really jumped on the Android train as much as NVIDIA really hoped they would, as most of them would rather develop for a wider audience on the mobile platform rather than just the high end. However, we have seen a few gorgeous games enter the market, and the latest of these is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. See also: NVIDIA Shield Android TV review30 For fans of the franchise, this game takes place between the first and second games, but it was the most recently released, making it both a prequel and a sequel depending on your perspective. The game’s title is also indicative of the game’s tongue-in-cheek irreverence and absurd sense of humor, a trait that makes it practically unique in an era of gritty shooters and brooding protagonists. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was something of a letdown when it hit the PC, with audiences complaining that it was just more of the same. By that they mean, lots of crazy weapons, random loot discovery, and grind-happy upgrade systems paired with crisp first-person shooting and up to four-player career co-op. But what’s more of the same on the PC is without competition in the Google Play Store, and this is the full version of the game priced at less than half of what you can expect to pay for its PC brother. The only real catch is that some of the textures appear to have been diluted in terms of resolution, but the polygons, gameplay, and multiplayer are all still there. What do you think of this high-budget arrival […]

App developers are pushing the envelope on a daily basis trying to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. In fact, so many Android apps come out every day that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. It’s difficult to usurp the best of the best but if you’re getting bored with what you’ve got and want to try something new, check out the best new Android apps from the last month! Best New Android games from the last month! Best Android apps of 2016 Basket [Price: Free] Basket is a newer application that acts as a sort of simplified alternative to Pocket. It allows you to save articles, videos, and other types of links for later viewing and sharing. You can organize them based on what they are, such as news, research, recipes, or funny stuff. It also utilizes Material Design and it looks really nice. It’s a good alternative to Pocket if you want something that’s a little more simple.Get it now on Google Play! DroidID [Price: Free] DroidID is a unique application that really takes advantage of the built-in fingerprint support from Android Marshmallow. This app allows you to unlock your computer with your device’s fingerprint scanner. It’s fairly easy to use. You download the computer companion app, set it up with the mobile app, and then unlock your computer with your fingerprint. It’s only available for Mac right now but the developer says that Windows support is on the way.Get it now on Google Play! Hands Free [Price: Free] Hands Free is a new Google application that allows you to pay for stuff just by stating that you want to pay with Google. It’s not available anywhere except Silicon Valley but we expect support to increase over time. The idea is that you say […]

We all know about those Android apps that “take off”: the ones that enjoy immense success, sometimes overnight, and post staggeringly large install numbers. They fuel the dreams of budding Android developers and keep our man Joe Hindy busy day in, day out. But new figures revealing the mobile apps with the highest year-on-year growth may have you reconsidering what you think you know about the hottest apps around. See also: 15 best Android apps of 2016102 Statista has released new data showing the mobile apps in the U.S. with the fastest increase in visitor growth between December 2014 and December 2015. The app in first place grew by an unbelievable 931%! The app that took the top spot? None other than the super fun GIF Keyboard. With this kind of growth it might make a little more sense to know that Google is reportedly making a keyboard for iOS devices, complete with GIFs. INSTALL GIF KEYBOARD Statista Not far behind in second place, with 920% visitor growth, was Lowe’s. That’s right, Lowe’s. I didn’t even know Lowe’s had an Android app. Given Lowe’s popularity, it should probably come as no surprise that The Home Depot also made the list, with 541% growth year-on-year. Home renovation aside, there are also some apps on the list you might have expected to find there – Imgur, Airbnb, OneDrive – but I can guarantee you wouldn’t have guessed more than a couple on the list. MORE POPULAR APPS: Miitomo a hit, Pokemon GO ga… Disney’s big week, Minecraft… Supercell’s big achievement,… Hound leaves beta, new Play … Of course, relative popularity and actual popularity are not the same thing. If your app has 50 installs and that number explodes by 1000% it still only means 500 installs. Nevertheless, the top apps on this list have install figures in the millions. Nowhere […]

  Months after the first U.S. carriers pushed out Android Marshmallow for the LG G3, the update is now available in Canada. MobileSyrup is reporting the LG G3 Android update should be available on all carriers: Rogers, Fido, MTS, Bell, Virgin, SaskTel, Telus, Koodo and Videotron. See also: Looking back at the LG G321 See also: Looking back at the LG G321 Some G3 owners are reporting some issues with the download, including server issues and slow download speeds. But those that have installed it are saying it’s running just fine. The last major Android update for the LG G3 in Canada came with Lollipop in February 2015. As with all other devices receiving the Marshmallow update, you can check out our Android Marshmallow review for further details on what to expect. To check for the OTA, head to Settings > About > Software > Update and make sure you have a charged battery and around 750 MB of available space to accommodate the download. Let us know when you get the Marshmallow update on your Canadian LG G3.

Samsung is continuing its drive into the entry-level Indian market today, having just announced that the cost effective Galaxy J3 has just gone on sale in the country. The handset was originally unveiled in China last year and has already made its way to the US market through Virgin Mobile and Boost. The core specifications remain virtually unchanged from the earlier launches. The Indian J3 boasts a slightly up-clocked 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot, and Android 5.1 Lollipop on board. There’s also an 8 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front camera, 4G LTE connectivity with support for local bands, and a 2,600mAh battery. The display is a 5-inch AMOLED panel with a reasonable 1280 x 720 resolution. Despite its appearance, the body is built entirely from plastic and comes in at a rather modest 7.9mm thick. The Indian variant also arrives with dual SIM slots, a particularly popular feature in the country. The other big selling feature with the J3 is the “S Bike Mode,” which is designed to allow riders to automatically reply to incoming calls with pre-recorded messages in 14 different languages. This system works based on an NFC tag that you can attach to a bike or helmet and then simply press to enter and exit the mode while driving. See also: The new Samsung Galaxy J3 just hit the US market9 The Samsung Galaxy J3 is available in India exclusively through Snapdeal from today, Thursday 31st March, with a price tag set at just Rs. 8.990 ($135 approximately). The smartphone comes in a choice of gold, black, or white colors.

XLGadget There’s now a video of a BlackBerry Priv running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow to add to the number of images we’ve already seen. A video review of the Priv appeared on YouTube and clearly shows Android 6.0.1 running on it. There’s not a huge amount to go on in the video, as it has a nice musical soundtrack rather than actual talking, but visually it looks much the same as the Priv on Lollipop. See also: This is how the BlackBerry Priv is put together51 As you may recall, BlackBerry promised Marshmallow for the Priv in Q1, 2016. That means we’re now at the eleventh hour if the company plans to make good on that promise, but at least some Priv users are enjoying Marshmallow, if not exactly everyone. If you want to know what to expect from Android Marshmallow when it does arrive, be sure to check out our Android Marshmallow review. The Priv was unleashed on the Android world back in November 2015 and enjoyed a surprisingly warm welcome. BlackBerry did a wonderful job on its first Android phone and quickly promised a follow up codenamed Vienna, to appeal to the mid-range market. While the Vienna has not yet surfaced, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has confirmed the company will release at least one more Android phone in 2016. Are you pumped for Marshmallow on the Priv? Let us know when you see it land.

If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive smartphone to compliment your daily driver, look no further. Amazon has put the unlocked BLU Life One X on sale for just $99.99. This is fifty bucks off the list price and is the lowest we’ve ever seen the price tag drop for this budget-friendly smartphone. See also: BLU Life One X review44 The BLU Life One X got some high praise in the sub-$250 category. Our official review of the device saw it scoring well nearly across the board, with just the mediocre camera dragging down its final figure. The aluminum frame gives the device a more premium feel than its budget competitors, and the 5.2-inch IPS LCD display is surprisingly crisp at 1080p resolution. The MediaTek MT6753 processor is fueled by 2GB of RAM which, although a far cry from the flagships, does produce an excellent stock Android experience. Although it only comes with 16GB of internal storage, you can always expand it thanks to the microSD slot.  Dual SIM capabilities? You betcha. To check out this deal, click the button below to head on over to Amazon. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the BLU Life One X. If you’re an owner of the device, let others know what your experience has been like with the handset so far. You may be able to help someone make a more informed purchase. You will have to act fast, however, as this offer ends roughly eight hours after the time of posting. As always, stay tuned to Android Authority for all the hottest deals and news in the mobile world. Get it from Amazon! Next: Best cheap Android phones (March 2016)358

MailTime is a popular email client that seeks to make emailing as easy and smooth as messaging. The app has been immensely popular on the iOS operating system, with apple even naming it one of the App Store’s Best of 2015, but Android users have sadly been left out in the cold. That is, until now. See also: 10 best SMS apps for Android72 Since the app launched in 2014, it has accrued a substantial userbase with over a million downloads. It’s compatible with every major email service, is free to download and use, and kind of blurs the lines between emailing and instant messaging. What makes the app attractive is that it’s platform agnostic. Whereas most messaging services require both users to be on the same app, MailTime uses email protocol so that you can reach just about anybody in your addressbook and be sure that communication can go through. MailTime trims away all that unnecessary metadata and displays sent and received emails in bubbles, just like Messenger messages. Although many are decrying email as dead or dying, MailTime is looking to stand in the gap and revitalize a potentially useful method of communication by making it sleeker and less clumsy. It can support multiple accounts, and reply-all style emails are treated much like multi-user instant messages. All in all, it seems like an app worth a spin, and since there’s no cost, there’s no harm in trying it out and seeing if this minimalist approach to email works for you. Click the button below to grab it from the Play Store, then let us know what you think in the comments below. Get it in the Play Store! Next: 15 best Material Design apps for Android43

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