10 best escape games for Android

best escape games for android
Escape games are a very underrated type of puzzle game. For those who may not know, escape games have you placed in a room or a situation and you must find clues and solve puzzles so you can get out. Some game developers use this as part of a larger game and there are also many games that use this mechanic exclusively. Some are simple while others are complex with story lines to keep you engaged. It runs the gamut, so listed below are our picks for the best escape games for Android!

Doors and Rooms 3 best escape games for androidDoors & Rooms series

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Doors & Rooms is another series of games that are pretty good for escape the room fans. Unlike 100 Rooms, all three games in the series currently seem to be equally good and should provide plenty of entertainment. This game also has secret rooms, multi-room puzzles, and a strength system that can be improved or damaged depending on the items that you find and choose to pick up. The motto for this series is that the items you need may not be in the room they’re required which makes the whole experience far more fluid.
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escape the hellevator best escape games for androidEscape the Hellevator

[Price: Free demo / $1.99]
Escape the Hellevator is a unique escape puzzle game that also includes a fairly entertaining story line. You play the role of a man named Clarence Ridgeway who is currently riding the elevator to Hell thanks to a rather sadistic priest. Your job is to figure out the puzzles and survive the plunge. The game is quite a bit of fun and you can try the first two levels as a demo before being asked to purchase the full game. This setup has angered some users, but the demo-paid method has been around for years and we don’t consider it a bad thing. It’s a good game.
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escape titanic best escape games for androidEscape Titanic

[Price: Free demo / $4.99]
Escape Titanic is one of many escape games that derives its experienced based on real-world experiences. In this one, you escape the Titanic as it’s making it’s final voyage to the depths of the ocean. It features 50 total puzzles to deal with and it comes with an integrated hint system to help out so you don’t go down with the ship. The first chapter is free to play as a demo and then you’ll be asked to pay for the rest of the game.
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forever lost episode 1 best escape games for androidForever Lost

[Price: Varies]
Forever Lost is a trilogy of escape games that was popular on iOS before being ported over to Android. This one has a story line where you’re struck with a fit of amnesia and you must find your way out of your situation, remember who you are, and figure out where you are. It also contains elements other genres to give it a bit extra. It also features an in-game camera that you can use to take pictures of rooms so you can remember what’s in them without having to travel back and forth. The only potential caveat is that that the games are pretty expensive for how long they are.
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adventure escape murder manor best escape games for androidAdventure Escape

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
The Adventure Escape series from Haiku Games is a series of five escape games that take you to various environments to find out what’s going on. Each one has its own unique story line, complete with a female protagonist, goofy conversations, and plenty of puzzles. These games blur the lines between hidden object games and escape games so you’ll find copious elements of both strewn about. Each one is free with in-app purchases and while they are fun games, they don’t seem to take themselves as seriously as other games do.
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The Lost City best escape games for androidThe Lost City

[Price: $1.99 with in-app purchases]
The Lost City is a mixture of an escape game and a hidden object game with a sprinkle of point-and-click adventure thrown in for good measure. This game follows you as you explore a lost city that your grandmother told you about. There are a ton of items that you’ll need to collect and you’ll get a journal that keeps track of all of the various symbols and clues that you encounter so you can quickly recall them later. It takes a little bit for the game to really get going, but it’s worth it.
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Can You Escape? best escape games for androidMobiGrow games

[Price: Free]
MobiGrow is a developer studio that seems to specialize in making escape games. They have a ton of them, but they seem to be centered around the Can You Escape series that gives you various environments that you need to escape from. Most of the games have goofy storylines that really just serve to move the game forward as you find yourself in rooms that you need to escape from. There are about a dozen games in total and the’re all free with in-app purchases. Most of them have decent Google Play Store ratings as well.
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republique best escape games for androidRépublique

[Price: $4.99 with in-app purchases]
République may be the most complex game on the list. It’s technically not an escape game but has a ton of escape game elements. In this title, you help a girl named Hope escape her captors. The storyline is quite good and you’ll use a series of surveillance cameras to guide Hope in and out of various rooms and buildings as well as around guards and various obstacles. There are five total episodes in the game. You’ll get the first one when you purchase the game and then you’ll have to buy the remaining four episodes as in-app purchases.
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the room 3 best escape games for androidThe Room series

[Price: $0.99, $1.99, and $4.99]
The Room trilogy may be the best escape games currently available on Android. They contain impressive graphics, complex puzzles, and an arcane story line that meshes together quite well to create a game worth playing. In each game, you’ll find a series of unique and curious objects open up into more puzzles for you to solve. The latest in the series, The Room 3, also has alternate endings. These are masterpieces in the genre and are considered among the best Android games available right now.
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Cube Escape best escape games for androidCube Escape

[Price: Free]
Cube Escape is a series of escape games that all revolve around a central setting called Rusty Lake. Each game ties together through the central setting and weaves together quite the story line. The games have fairly basic mechanics and you’ll be finding objects, solving puzzles, and, as the title says, trying to escape from the cube. Each game appears to be entirely free with no in-app purchases which is a great price if you happen to be low on money.
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