Weekly Plan Spotlight: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 BOGO or 50% off on Flex Lease

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Today’s Weekly Plan Spotlight is all about the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It’s a pricey piece of kit for sure, but the big carriers want your business, so there are some good incentives out there. The Note 9 is available on 24 August, with both Sprint and Verizon offering tempting pre-order deals in an attempt to to turn your head. Let’s take a look.

Two-for-one with Verizon

If you’ve got a family member, buddy, or even piano teacher who’s just as excited about this premium flagship as you are, then Verizon might well be your best bet.

Here’s the offer: If you buy a 128GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 — the ‘cheaper’ model at a mere $999 — then you get another one free. If you prefer, the free handset can be a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus instead.

It’s a great offer, but note that the ‘free’ handset involves buying it at full price, then receiving your money back as monthly bill credits over 24 months. That’s the standard industry practice with these deals to keep you committed to your plan, so make sure you have the $2k outlay ready when going in. You’ll get half of it back eventually.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Both handsets you purchase require a new line of service with Verizon. As an extra incentive, if you pre-order by August 23 you get bonus AKG noise-canceling headphones or Fortnite Galaxy skin with 15,000 V-Bucks for free. We won’t give Verizon too much credit for that sweetener though, since Samsung is offering that bonus free with pre-orders anyway.

If you want to sign up or find out more, the button and widget below lead to the Verizon deal.

Half-price Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Sprint Flex Lease

If you don’t need two handsets, and don’t necessarily want to commit to owning one, Sprint has an alluring alternative deal: 50 percent off a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 when you pre-order by August 23 and sign up for an 18-month Flex Lease.

Again, you receive your discount in monthly bill credit. Once it kicks in (within two billing cycles) you’ll be paying just $20.83 per month for the duration of your lease. Not bad to own this stellar piece of tech for a year and a half. You also get the AKG noise-canceling headphones or Fortnite Galaxy skin with 15,000 V-Bucks for free.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Here’s a few caveats on that deal:

  • The line must stay active for the full 18 months to receive the full discount. If you cancel your lease early, the remaining balance on the phone will be due.
  • You must have approved credit to be eligible.
  • Online registration is required, and the deal is only available while supplies last.

So there you have it. If the Flex Lease from Sprint sounds more your cup of tea, then the button and widget below should lead you the the right place. Check the ‘offers’ section of the Sprint website.

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