The GoSafe Full HD Dash Cam is now just $59.99

Without a dash cam, you’re at the mercy of the many bad drivers out there.

If you’re involved in an incident while driving it could easily be your word against the schmuck who hit you. Even worse, you could be sound asleep in bed while some clown backs into your car and then makes their escape.

Fear not! The GoSafe 228 Full HD Dash Cam can protect you in both situations.

The 1080p dash cam constantly records video at a wide 120-degree angle while you’re driving. It’s a loop recording, but a built-in G-sensor automatically saves files in the event of a collision.

GoSafe 226 Full HD Dash Cam Front 2

Even better, it detects movement in front of the camera while your car is parked. It’ll begin recording and won’t stop until the movement does. If anyone messes with your motor, the GoSafe will capture it.

The GoSafe 228 Dash Cam at a glance:

  • Full HD recording
  • Movement detection and auto-recording
  • Built-in G-sensor automatically saves files
  • 120-degree panoramic view of the road
  • 8GB microSD card included (supports up to 32GB card)

The GoSafe Dash Cam retails for $99, but today it’s on offer over at Tech Deals. For a few days more, you can pick one up for just $59.99.

The clock is ticking on the deal, so hit the button below to check it out.

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