Streamza: Finally a Safe Way to Torrent Files

Downloading torrents is a great way to get hold of almost any media. There are millions of movies, tv shows, and music files online just waiting for you to come get them. Unfortunately they’re in a minefield of viruses and shady sites. Streamza offers you a solution, and today we’re spotlighting some great deals on its service.

Streamza is essentially a safe and speedy way to torrent files. It’s a cloud based program which also stores all of your torrented files in a personal online library, so no space is taken up on your computer. Naturally this also means you can access your files from any device with an internet connection. Handy.

There are other perks of torrenting to an online library too. For instance, your IP address remains hidden because it’s the Streamza server downloading the files, not your computer. The extra bandwidth of the Streamza server also means that files are downloaded a lot faster than with a torrent client.

Your IP address remains hidden

Streamza has its own huge library of songs and videos for you to peruse at your leisure. It’s updated hourly, and as part of the Streamza community you can connect with other users to hear which latest release is causing a stir.

What got the AAPicks deal alarm clanging is that right now there’s a massive price drop on lifetime subscriptions to Streamza. For a one-off payment you can torrent to your heart’s content. How much you pay depends on how much cloud space you’re after, but there are savings of more than 90% on 200GB, 500G or unlimited subscriptions. The 200GB offer will set you back just $39.99.

The clock’s ticking on these deals, so if Streamza would make your life easier then don’t delay. Check out all the offers by hitting the button below.

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