Protect yourself on the road with a U-Drive Dash Cam

U-Drive Dash Cam Wide

We know that you’re a good driver, but you’re not alone on the road. A fender bender with no witnesses could mean it’s your word against theirs. A dash cam can protect your integrity as well as your insurance premium.

The U-Drive Dash Cam has everything you need, and it’s now just $19.99 on Tech Deals.

In fact, this handy dash cam can go one better than just backing up your claim. Sometimes you’re not in the car at all when some unscrupulous driver hits your vehicle. If so the motion detection feature of the U-Drive can activate the camera.

HD recording and 100-degree wide-angle vision.

The scoundrel won’t get away with it, and it’s the same deal in the dark. Six infrared LEDs allow for night vision recording too.

This ain’t no blurry image either. HD recording and 100-degree wide-angle vision capture as much of the road as possible.

The U-Drive Dash Cam at a glance:

  • HD resolution at 30 frames per second.
  • Record video and audio to a removable SD card.
  • Six infrared LEDs for night vision recording.
  • Instantly playback your video right at the scene.
  • Save battery power and disk space with the motion detection recording.

U-Drive has a $40 retail value, but it was already on offer from Tech deals. We’re throwing light on it today because, for a limited time, there’s a further price drop in place.

While the offer lasts, you can pick up the U-Drive Dash Cam for just $19.99.

Reckless drivers won’t wait, and this deal won’t either. Hit the button below to check it out for yourself.

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