Master Agile project management for under $40

Agile Project Management

If you’re not a project manager, I bet you know one.

I know a few, and most of them slightly annoy me. However, when I think about it, it might be because it feels like they get paid more than they should. None of them have scored a touchdown in the NFL or performed any type of surgical operation, but most of them are raking it in. It’s annoying.

Project managers who are certified in Agile often command high salaries.

The reason is that project management is one of those ubiquitous roles which covers pretty much every industry. From small manufacturing firms to corporations like Google, PM’s will be involved somewhere. Of course the good thing about that is, if you become a project manager, suddenly doors are opening all over the place. You can either be jealous like me, or you can get a piece of the action.

One very streamlined way in is Agile Project Management Training.

This five-star rated online course introduces you to the concept of Agile project management. This is the predominant project management methodology in many industries, and very attractive to employers because it focuses on flexibility and cost saving.

Agile Project Management

Through this course you get an introduction to Agile, and in particular the Scrum style. It may not mean that much now, but this learning kit will show you the ropes. Over 600 people have signed up, and many of them are probably in wine bars right now making people like me jealous.

Agile project management at a glance:

  • Access 10 comprehensive modules 24/7.
  • Define Agile & Scrum.
  • Learn common Scrum terminology & communication skills in Agile.
  • Understand how to use Agile outside of software development.
  • Explore case studies of transitioning to Agile.
  • Use visual demonstrations & multimedia presentations to learn.
  • Test your progress with quizzes & exam simulators.
  • Interact & collaborate with other students & Vision Training Systems employees to form study groups & discussions.

This is premium corporate training, which is why it originally retailed for $1,295. However, now that it can be brought to you online, it’s being promoted for the next few days at just $39. How about that for cost-cutting?

Join the hundreds who are signing up while the offer lasts by hitting the button below.

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