Deal: Browse the internet in VR with a $30 Daydream View headset ($70 off)

Let’s face it: the Daydream View headset is really a fancier version of the original Google Cardboard viewer. The only difference between the two is more comfortable materials and a cool little remote.

Regardless, the Daydream View is a terrific way to get into virtual reality without breaking the bank. At only $100, the Daydream View is a good deal even without any discounts.

But how about getting one for only $30? At that price, buying one is a no-brainer.

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Well, we have good news for you: Verizon is currently selling the Daydream View for only $30, a whopping $70 off the list price. What’s more, shipping is free!

This times nicely with the recent news that Google Chrome is finally supported in Daydream VR. That means you can strap the Daydream View to your head and navigate around the entirety of the internet without having to remove the headset at any point. The future is now!

Of course, the one caveat to this deal is you need a compatible phone to use the Daydream VR. Right now, that list is fairly small — click here to see if your phone makes the cut.

Otherwise, click the button below to nab this awesome deal!

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