Become a certified cybersecurity specialist for as little as $1

The Complete Cybersecurity Certification Bundle Didn’t get your newspaper on Saturday? Blame the hackers. The attack, which disrupted the production of several major publications, was just the latest in a long cybercriminal hitlist this year. From police departments to hospitals, cybercrime is on the rise, and cybersecurity specialists are needed.

You can learn the skills to fight the hackers. It won’t happen overnight — you really need to be certified first — but the training is available online. Right now the Complete Cyber Security Certification Bundle is on offer, and you can pay what you like.

This nine-part learning kit has all the instruction you need to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats. Each of the nine courses also fully prepares you for one of the top cybersecurity certification exams out there.

The full cybersecurity rundown:

While there’s almost $3,000 of training here, you only have to beat the average price to get the lot. At the time of writing it was just under $15, so we’re not talking big bucks.

It might sound a little too good to be true, but there are no elephant traps. You’re buying not bidding, and the average price to beat is displayed. Thousands of bundles have already been sold to other keen students, which is how Tech Deals affords to offer them at such a great price.

Even if you pay just $1, you still get CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional 2015. It’s worth $299 alone, so it’s not a bad piece of business.

Hit the button below to find out more. The average price is creeping up, so the faster you move the less you’ll pay.

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