For the spec lovers, this is a TV box to check out. 32 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, 802.11ac WiFI and a mammoth eight cores are packed into this Android TV box. Oh, and it scores 55,000 on Antutu! Read more…

Samsung has just announced two new handsets aimed at the mid to low-end segment of the market. The new aluminium devices feature powerful front-facing cameras and a focus on social networking. Read more…

In a world where prepaid carriers and T-Mobile’s own uncarrier strategy continue to change up the way we look at smartphones and carrier plans, the big U.S. networks are doing more than ever to attempt to entice new customers or keep old ones from leaving. To that end Sprint announced a new leasing program for the Galaxy S5 a bit earlier today, and now AT&T and Verizon are both trying to lure folks with limited-time increased data offers. First up, AT&T is boosting the data on its $40 and $70 Mobile Share Value plans for those that sign up between November 2nd and the 15th. The new changes see the former plan go from 2GB to 3GB, and the latter jumping from 4GB to 6GB. In addition to more data on the above mentioned plans, AT&T is also extending their “Double the Data” deal for two more weeks, giving you the chance to nab 30GB data for $130 a month. Of course that’s not including the $25 extra charge per shared line. Not wishing to be outdone, Verizon is also following suit with a similar “limited time” move that kicks in tomorrow but has no set expiration date. The new offer gives folks the option of getting 10GB of data for $80 or 15GB for $100. Even better, the deal is for both new and existing customers. Furthermore, Verizon has a new limited time promo for new customers that gives them a $150 one-time credit simply for porting their phones from another carrier over to Big Red. What do you think, anyone interested in either AT&T or Verizon’s offer?

If you’re looking to get more of the Google ecosystem on your Roku, this is your lucky day, because Google Play Movies & TV is coming to the Channel Store. The company just announced that residents of the U.S., U.K., Ireland, and Canada can now use Google’s media streaming service. The app comes with all of the notable features, including Google Play Info Cards, which allows you to pause a movie or show and get information on the actor you’re watching. Additionally, if you sign up for a Google account and head to the app, a complimentary copy of X-Men is waiting for you. Google Play Movies & TV is coming to all current generation Roku devices (that’s every device after June 2011). The company also notes that support for Roku TV is coming in the near future. Head to the Channel Store to download it today!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Samsung and its slumping sales, especially as brands like XIaomi continue to beat out the Korean giant in China and other emerging markets. Just yesterday Samsung revealed in an investor’s call that they hope to “fundamentally reform” their product portfolio in order to get back on track. With that in mind, for this week’s Friday Debate we discuss how Samsung got into the position it is has found itself in. Is this a temporary slump, and what can they do to turn the ship around? As always, check out the comments from AA team members and weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments below. Luka Mlinar It’s easy to blame Touchwiz yet people seem to lose sight that it has a huge fan base. Believe it or not, a lot of Samsung users prefer it over stock Android. For me the main problem is Samsung’s inability to change with the times. The main reason why Chinese OEMs are getting one over on Samsung is by directly selling their phones through their own web shop. Essentially cutting the middle man out of the equation, thus being able to sell their devices at a lower cost. Samsung is a global brand and moving their smartphone business to E-commerce would be a massive undertaking resulting in inequality of price or closing of markets. Robert Triggs Part of Samsung’s profitability issues certainly stem from an overabundance of products, as they take a lot of resources to develop. Not every device is pointless, LTE-A versions for Korea make sense. However, the ill-defined Galaxy A series is going to pass most consumers by. The problem, as I’ve said a plenty of times this year, is saturation. If you’re a happy Galaxy Note 3 or S4 owner, […]

While there are many different opinions when it comes to the security benefits of finger print reading on a smartphone, most admit it is a quick-and-easy way to unlock your phone that is certainly safer than using no form of lockscreen security. Of course, there are some who argue that a PIN or password is still the safest security method. Another benefit of a PIN or password? Police officers and other representatives of the law can’t force you to hand them over, unlike your fingerprint, at least that’s the case in the state of Virginia. Virginia circuit court Judge Steven C. Frucci ruled earlier this week that smartphone users must give up their fingerprints, allowing police to search their devices, but passcodes are said to be protected. First a little background. A recent case in Virginia involved a man that had been charged with attempting to strangle his girlfriend. A video showing the incident was believed to be on the defendant’s phone but the lawyer said the defendant didn’t have to give it up. The reason being that the Fifth Amendment protects those in the US from self-incrimination and that divulging a passcode would fall under such protections. According to the ruling, a fingerprint is akin to providing DNA, a handwriting sample or a key. The Virginia judge agreed with the lawyer, saying that a passcode requires a defendant to divulge knowledge, which the law protects against. On the other hand, Frucci stated this same protection wouldn’t apply to folks that have a fingerprint-protected security method in place as an alternative. What’s the difference? The Judge says that a fingerprint is akin to providing DNA, a handwriting sample or a key — which is permitted by the law because it doesn’t require you to say something that incriminates you. The lawyer in the case agreed with the […]

Credit: Joi/Flickr Late last year Andy Rubin, Android’s co-founder, stepped down from his position as leader of our favorite mobile OS and handed the reigns over to the capable hands of Sundar Pichai. Following this move, Rubin took over as head of Google’s robotic efforts, a position he’s occupied ever since. Today it was announced that Rubin is making yet another move, this time away from Google altogether. According to Google, Andy’s new goal is to start an incubator for startups interested in building technology-hardware products. While the details for his new ambition are a bit vague, that’s really all we know for now. In a statement, Larry Page wished Rubin the best, and thanked him for all his efforts at Google: I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next. With Android he created something truly remarkable—with a billion plus happy users. Thank you. As for the future of Google’s robotic arm, Google says it remains as dedicated as ever and is placing James Kuffner, a research scientist at Google, as the new head of the robotics group. While Rubin hadn’t been part of the Android world for about a year now, it still seems a bit odd to think of him as no longer part of Google. Either way, we wish him the best and thank him for all he did during his time running Android and beyond. What do you think of Andy Rubin’s departure from the company? Surprised, or did you see this one coming after he stepped down as head of Android?

We are closing in on the end of the #datahorrorstories giveaway, there is just 1 grand prize left to giveaway. The grand prize will be drawn on October 31, 2014 at 11:59pm EST, so make sure you get all your final entries in before the contest closes. One lucky contestant will win a new Nexus 9, Moto X(2014) and a Moto 360. Last week’s winner of the Moto X(2014) draw is Michael W. (USA). He submitted a YouTube video discussing his data horror story. Congratulations Michael! #DataHorrorStories Let’s face it, we’ve all been burned by our data bills at one point or another. Carriers still charge us an arm and a leg for internet access on our mobile devices, and the Internet is full of horror stories about customers who forgot to turn off their data roaming while in vacation, and came home to bills of thousands of dollars. In a world where simply going online can have spooky consequences, Opera Max has one simple goal – to save you data. Android Authority has teamed up with Opera for a Halloween-themed international giveaway of some of the hottest Android devices of 2014! We want to know about your data horror stories. Did you ever get a massive bill when you came back from your European vacation? Has an app ever used up all your data unexpectedly? Share your horror stories on social media with the hashtags: #DataHorrorStories and #OperaMax! Prizes Each week leading up to Halloween, we’ll hold a draw for a prize, starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. On October 31, one lucky winner will get their hands on the grand prize pack, consisting of a Nexus 9, a Moto X (2014), and a Moto 360 smartwatch! October 15: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – [WINNER: Jonas. S USA] October 22: Sony Xperia Z3 – [WINNER: Aarman S. USA] October 29: Moto X (2014) – […]

Flipboard is widely known as one of the most popular news apps out there, bringing nice animations and an easy-to-use interface to Android. It’s about to get even better with it’s newest update, Flipboard 3.0. The design of the app is meant to look more magazine-esque than ever, bringing new typography, full screen covers, and a new navigation bar at the top. The new design is definitely a step up from the last one, as it was feeling a bit outdated. The animations look better, and flipping the page just feels better. Flipboard also introduced a new feature called The Daily Edition. It’s a quick way to catch up on your news, as it cycles through current top news in tech, business, sports, culture, and more. It updates every morning by 7am, making it a great way to get your news for the day. Availability for The Daily Edition is somewhat limited, however. It’s currently available in the U.S., U.K., U.S. Latino, Latin America, Brazil, and India. Along with the huge update, the company has announced that there are now over 30,000 unique topics available to readers! As the topics are fueled mainly by Zite’s technology, “MagMakers” (or magazine creators) are the ones really doing a lot of the work. They’ve created over 10 million unique magazines to choose from, atop of the 30,000 individual topics you can choose from. This update really helps breathe new life into one of the most popular news apps for Android. You can grab the latest update right now, from Google Play.  

If you’ve been following along the last couple Android customization tutorials, you’ve seen how to collect incoming notifications and pop them up as a simple flash over your screen using Tasker. You’ve also seen how to put a custom Gmail and SMS count/indicator on your Homescreen through Zooper Widget. No better time then to marry the two and put any and all notifications on the Homescreen. The idea is simple enough, we collect notifications using Tasker, based on the principles learned a couple weeks back. Then we take action on them by displaying a counter on the Homescreen using Zooper Widget, similar to how we used Gmail and SMS last week. This project will require that we utilize variables within both apps and have Tasker and Zooper Widget work together, like we’ve done in the past. If you haven’t gathered yet, today’s project accomplishes something pretty solid by pulling together bits and pieces of our previous work. If this were a TV show, it would be one of those recap episodes that spends its time replaying past scenes to tell a new story. Before we get started You will require two pieces of software today, Tasker is $2.99 in the Google Play Store and Zooper Widget Pro is $2.49 in the Google Play Store. TaskerZooper Widget If this is your first time out, you might be thinking that five bucks is pretty expensive to tackle this simple project, and I would completely agree. However, I would urge you to check out all of the other great things that Tasker and Zooper Widget can do. Coming from a guy that cannot justify spending even a penny on in-app purchases for games, I have had no regrets whatsoever on purchasing these two apps, and I got in when Tasker was $7. Display […]

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