THe Galaxy Note 10.1 sure has had a lot of customization already, with a root arriving long before the tablet even hit the market. Shortly after, ClockworkMod was ported to Note 10.1, and now the first Galaxy Note 10.1 custom ROMs have begun to surface. Looking to get your mod on with the Galaxy Note 10.1? XDA Developers forum has some of the first custom ROMs already. There are three different builds, each with its own different features and appeal. First up, we have zedomax‘s “TrainWreck”, a ROM designed around the European XXALG5 firmware. This ROM is all about keeping up with the stock look, and that means all the TouchWiz experience and features are still in place. Looking to get rid of Samsung bloatware? CleanROM by safariking might be perfect for you. This ROM is all about shedding bloat and giving the cleanest Samsung-free experience possible. This build is also based on the European firmware. Last, we have the DR.AKRIM_ROM by hani1980, which makes use of the Indian N8000DDALH1 firmware. The purpose of this build is to add RTL Arabic support and Samsung Arabic keyboard. All the ROMs also have been deodexed and zip-aligned, alongside other individual tweaks. When it comes to custom ROMs, XDA is almost always the best resource. Any of these Galaxy Note 10.1 custom ROMs interest you? Related Posts ClockworkMod for G-Note 10.1 unleashed: Let the custom ROMs flow, Install TouchWiz 4.0 on Galaxy S running ICS-based custom ROMs, Installing ICS-based jBroICS custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 This article, Looking to mod the Galaxy Note 10.1, as first custom ROMs arrive? , was originally published at – Your Android News Source.

Is it too early to call Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera as one that most folks who attend this year’s IFA will still be talking about once the event is done? If you still can’t get enough of the dynamic duo, here’s some more news related to the two. By now, it’s no longer out of the ordinary for manufacturers to bundle their phones with free online storage as a way to lure customers. The Samsung Galaxy S3, for instance, comes with a free 50GB Dropbox cloud storage.  So we’re not entirely surprised to see the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera getting the same treatment. Dropbox has announced that owners of the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera will get to save up to 50GB of data on Dropbox’s server for two years for free. The two devices will also come preloaded with the Dropbox app. Aside from announcing the freebies, a new Dropbox auto-sync feature for the Galaxy Note 2 has also been introduced. Any photos and videos that the users have on the Gallery application will be automatically synced and stored in Dropbox. We’re not sure if this is something that users can easily turn off, otherwise those who don’t have unlimited data plan may get a heart attack at the end of the month. Show full PR text Dropbox Announces Deep Integration with New Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II Dropbox, a free service that lets you bring your documents, photos and videos everywhere and share them easily, today announced an integration with the recently released Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II. With these integrations, Dropbox users can now enjoy a seamless content syncing experience across all Samsung devices. Earlier in the year Samsung’s flagship model Galaxy S III […]

After its booming success with the 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon has really started to look like a contender for more than just the e-reader niche. We know that the Kindle Fire(s) 2 are coming in just a week’s time, but a great tech company is always looking towards the future. An even greater OEM will always try to reinvent itself and not polish and tweak the same old gadget year after year (yeah, Apple, I’m talking to you). That means taking some risks and making gambles from time to time, which is exactly what Amazon could do if the company’s latest patent will ever become reality. According to Mashable, the Kindle maker is working on a very original gadget, which could bring the best of two worlds. The tablet could use two different screens, one placed on the front and one on the back of the device. Why the heck would someone need two displays fitted into one gadget, you might ask. Well, it’s pretty simple. The front panel will be an LCD screen optimized for watching movies, browsing, gaming and other video-demanding activities, while the back will be a more modest e-ink display meant only for reading e-books on. It’s true, you can read books on a LCD screen with no problem, but it’s a known fact that it’s much more convenient to use an e-ink panel, which doesn’t fatigue your eyes so quickly. The sweetest part of it all? It seems that such a tablet, unlike what you might be thinking, could save up battery life by switching from LCD to E-Ink every time slow-moving or non-moving content is displayed. Could Amazon do what enTourage was unable to? “An electronic device including two or more display elements can provide enhanced functionality with improved rates of power consumption.” […]

Samsung has made a splash at IFA 2012 with its new Android products, the highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Camera, albeit it’s the former that we’re mostly interested in these days. We have thoroughly covered the new phablet for you here at Android Authority from day one, as we’re present in Berlin, Germany to bring you all the hot sauce from the European trade show, but now it’s time to look at an “official” Galaxy Note 2 hands-on. Samsung has posted the “first hands-on” video of the Galaxy Note 2 on YouTube – although we had ours on well ahead of them – and the 13:37 clop offers a lengthy preview of what the new Galaxy Note 2 has to offer, both when it comes to hardware, but also when talking about software features. As expected, the official hands-on shows in great detail the S Pen-related features, and since it’s Samsung-made, you’d expect it not to be that objective. However, the preview is quite simple and to the point, so check it out, especially if you’re planning to buy this beast. And don’t forget to check our own YouTube channel for more Galaxy Note 2 videos, including comparisons with some of the most interesting Android devices available out there. Related Posts Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands-on image gallery, Another hands-on video of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Will it work as a phone?, Samsung Galaxy Note Hands On Video, Appears on Retailers Site This article, Galaxy Note 2 ‘first hands-on’ video rolled out by Samsung , was originally published at – Your Android News Source.

See that? It’s not your daddy’s flip hybrid tablet — it’s the new dual-display laptop prototype from the fine people at Samsung. The body of the notebook is certainly in the vein of a MacBook Air or ultrabook, with slim metal slides that taper off into a point. The palm rests, meanwhile, are a brushed metal, with black chiclet-style keys above. On the bezel above the screen is a camera. The magic, however, doesn’t happen until you close the thing, turning on a display on the hood. Yep, it’s yet another attempt to capitalize on Windows 8’s dual-nature. Inside, you’ve got a fully functioning laptop and outside you’ve a touchscreen tablet that, yes, utilizes everyone’s favorite proprietary stylus, the S-pen, and there’s also a rear facing camera on the outside. Perhaps it’s all that functionality packed inside, but this prototype is certainly heavier than your standard ultrabook, and unlike most systems, a lot of that weight is located in the display — we’re sure there’s a fair amount of internals located up there. This being a prototype, the Samsung rep we spoke with had no clue on what such a device might cost or when it might come to market — or even if this thing will ever see the light of day, so don’t get your dual-hopes up just yet. The hybrid was sitting right next to the 2,560 x 1,440 Series 9 prototype we recently scoped out and in front of a wall of concepts that explore the brave new world of elastic form factors to their fullest. Check out a video and some notes on the other devices after the jump. Gallery: Hands-on with Samsung’s concept laptops Continue reading Samsung’s dual-display Windows 8 laptop and other prototypes, hands-on Filed under: Laptops, Tablets Samsung’s dual-display Windows 8 laptop […]

When Huawei revealed its new MediaPad 7 Lite slate, it wasn’t generous with the details, but now we’ve got a few more to share with you. The final specifications are out, so we now know for sure that the ICS tab will arrive packing a 7-inch IPS display (1,024 x 600) supporting 1080p, a 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor, 1GB RAM and 8 gigs of storage, expandable via microSD (up to the usual 32). To keep you connected, you’ve got Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi of the a/b/n varieties, or the option of sticking a SIM in it for HSPDA 3G speeds on the move. The cameras are nothing to shout about, but 3.2 megapixels on the back and 0.3 on the front will probably do for the odd Skype call or emergency picture. We can’t see how much later into August you can get, but the PR states shipping will begin then, to South Africa, China, Russia, the Philippines and Taiwan, and to Indonesia and Malaysia in September. Seven inches just not enough? Then how about its keyboard-endowed bigger brother? Continue reading Huawei’s MediaPad 7 Lite gets detailed specs, shipping dates Filed under: Tablets Huawei’s MediaPad 7 Lite gets detailed specs, shipping dates originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 31 Aug 2012 08:59:00 EST.

Samsung has stated that they’re prepared to sue Apple immediately if the next iPhone contains 4G-LTE connectivity, proving they’re prepared to step back into the ring against the Cupertino giant. Read more…

FinSpy Mobile, a new spyware tool being marketed to law enforcement, can gain total access to your phone, tracking and recording you. The really scary part? It’s already fallen into the wrong hands. Read more…

Adobe was last seen burying mobile Flash and moving on with its life. Like the stars of George Romero movies, however, Flash is back to walk amongst the living — if just temporarily. The developer tells the BBC that Flash for Android is back in the UK’s Google Play Store for a short while after “strategic partners” pushed it into action, including the British broadcaster. While the link isn’t explicitly confirmed, it’s strongly implied that the BBC and others want a little more time to wean Android apps like iPlayer off of their Flash dependency and toward web technologies like HTML5. Adobe is quashing any hopes of a permanent revival with a disclaimer that there’s no support for the download; any bugs will remain there forever. Those attached to their dearly departed plugin may still appreciate one last look before the code is once more put six feet under. [Thanks, Kevin] Filed under: Cellphones, Tablets, Software Flash for Android briefly returns to Google Play Store in UK, zombie-style originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 31 Aug 2012 02:18:00 EST.

Cal and Stanford fans away from home no longer have to huddle around their laptops if they want to learn who’s one-upping who. The Pac-12 Conference has just launched an iPad app for its authenticated Pac-12 Now service: as long as you’re with a TV provider that carries the college sports division’s games (sorry for now, DirecTV customers), you can tune into 850 live matches spread across a myriad of sports. As you’d hope, going the digital route allows for some on-demand viewing, a dedicated program guide and the social sharing you’ll want to rope friends into watching. Only Bright House, Cox and Time Warner Cable subscribers can use the iPad viewer at first, although support should come to BendBroadband, Comcast, Frontier and Suddenlink this fall, right alongside Android- and iPhone-sized apps. Hopefully, they arrive in time for a little ego padding around the Big Game in October. Continue reading Pac-12 Conference streams come to iPad, fuel that Big Game rivalry on the road Filed under: Home Entertainment, Tablets, HD Pac-12 Conference streams come to iPad, fuel that Big Game rivalry on the road originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 31 Aug 2012 01:11:00 EST.

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