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Are you an Ingress player? We know how much a username can be worth, especially if you have become an important player in your community. This is why the latest email from Niantic Labs comes as good news to many of you.

Niantic Labs is informing “agents” that they can claim their same usernames to use on Pokemon Go. These monikers are being reserved until September 26, 2016, which is the last day you will be able to claim your username on North America’s most popular game in history.

Here’s how to claim your username: NianticPokemonIngressUsernameOffer

  1. Download the Pokémon GO app in either the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Create a new account using the same login email as your Ingress account.
  3. Claim your Ingress username and use it for your Trainer name in the new Pokémon GO app.

There is one thing we are wondering, though. Is it possible to switch to your Ingress username if you already have a Pokemon Go account? Niantic Labs recently made it possible to change your Pokemon Go nickname, but you could only do it once. Some of you may run into inconveniences, likely because Niantic Labs took a little too long to make this move. Or rather, to inform users.

Regardless, it will be a cool feature if you care about keeping that epic username you worked so hard to build a reputation for. Are any of you keeping your Ingress usernames?

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