Xperia tablet won’t come out without several cool accessories

Excited to get your hands on the rumored Sony Xperia tablet? The Tegra 3-based 9.4-inch HD tablet certainly looks appealing, but many times accessories are just important to a tablet’s success as the initial hardware itself.

While the Sony Xperia tablet isn’t yet confirmed officially, that hasn’t stopped a slew of leaked photos of accessories from getting leaked. It seems that Sony is taking some inspiration from the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet with its own keyboard case design. In addition, pictures of a media docking station with a remote and stand also seem to have leaked.

The Xperia tablet is rumored to start at just $400, though it’s hard to say how much it will cost if you add on all the extra goodies like the keyboard case. The tablet market is really starting to heat up, and while Sony is far from the leader, this looks to be a good tablet that could see some pretty solid support – if the pricing is just right.

We don’t know much about the Xperia tablet, its price and the cost for its accessories yet, but IFA is likely to shed some more light soon. How much would you pay for an Xperia tablet? How important are accessories like a docking station and keyboard stand to you?

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