What’s Going to be your Excuse for Getting a Tablet Device?

For most of the people who pay attention to the technology world, tablets aren’t really new to you. Tablets run on Android OS, Windows, as well as the lone Apple iPad tablet which runs on iPad OS. Tablets aren’t anything new but they have now become more of a commercial product. For years tablets have been used mainly in the Corporate world and in the medical field, and even then they were heavy and bulky devices.

New touch tablet devices are on the way and most of the ones that will be coming in the near future have already been unveiled at Computex 2010, with planned releases for both later this year and some into 2011. Companies like Acer, MSI, Dell, Hanvon, LG, Quanta and many more. The predicted prices will range anywhere from sub-$150 all the way up to $500 and up.

Now after hearing all of that do you think you will find an actual need for a tablet or will you just buy one in the future once all your friends/family have one? There is no denying that some could find value in having a touch tablet in their life. Listed after the break are some good uses for a touch tablet, may be you can find your excuse.

In the kitchen – Are you tired of using a old fashioned cook book for all your cooking in the kitchen? Well a touch tablet can really make you look hip while still giving you equal function value of having an actual cook book. How? Well most of the tablets and some that are being sold now have e-reader capabilities so that means you can buy a digital cook book and be able to read it right off your touch tablet. Just don’t spill the sauce.

Drawing and sketching – A recent unveiling at Computex was for the Asus Eee Tablet which is a tablet with a professional level panel and drawing ability, but it is in black and white. All tablets come with the ability to run drawing applications. Some tablets even offer recognition for up to 5 fingers on their multi-touch screens.

Writing notes – Maybe your still in school or maybe you are a writer who prefers to write things instead of typing. Either way there is no denying that tablets are a great tool for on the go note taking. Various tablets come with options for stylus compatibility as well to further enhance your tablet experience.

Now those were just a few uses, but with the ever expanding applications market for tablets you are sure to find something that fits just right for you.

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