This one is a tad outside the norm, I try to keep the prices low and this one is completely over the budget I had in my mind. However, this one is slightly outside the norm, and is trying (as so many others are) to compete directly with the iPad, so I’m going to share it anyways. Dwarfing the iPad with its 11.6-inch (1366 x 768) display, a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, GMA 3150 graphics, webcam, two USB ports, flash card reader, UMTS modem, and six hours of battery life – most likely under certain conditions. The manufacturer, Neofonie, also has designs on a WePad app store and, if all goes according to plan, this thing’ll sport genuine Google Android and the Android Market. The company also mentions something called the “WeMagazine publishing ecosystem,” the basis of a turn-key operation for getting your own branded device out on the e-reader market. There will be two versions of the Intel Atom N450-powered tablet, which has two USB ports and an onboard webcam — the 16GB / WiFi version will go for €450 ($600) and the 64GB / HD capable model for €569 ($758).

Manufacturer: WePad
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Update: The text on their website that read “Preorders starting April 27th” has been replaced by “The roadmap for international rollout will be announced later.”, leading me to wonder if yet another tablet has had its release date pushed back.

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