Wait, was that a Red Robin from Nextbit?

nextbit red robinThe Nextbit team just went live on Periscope earlier today to announce the Web Client Beta. And that’s cool and all, Nextbit, but was that a bright red Robin we just caught a glimpse of lying on a desk?

No official word yet on what this strikingly colored device was, but since the Nextbit Robin hasn’t been out for very long yet, we’re anticipating that it’s likely a new variant of the innovative cloud-based smartphone rather than some new device from Nextbit. Red would be a natural choice for a device named the Robin, after all.

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What are your thoughts regarding this glimpsed scarlet smartphone? Do you think this is a deliberate tease on the part of Nextbit, or an accidental reveal? In this era dominated by white, silver, and black, let us know your take on a red-colored smartphone in the comments below.

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