Wacom’s new iPad styli are a (pressure) senstive bunch

If you’re tired of poking at your tablet screen with a dirty twig, perhaps it’s time to invest in a proper stylus, eh? Digital doodling specialist Wacom is knowledgeable about these kind of things, and at IFA this year it’s introducing a new range of styli that might be just the ticket. The simplest of the bunch is the third-generation of Bamboo Stylus, a fairly standard model with a slight difference: the rubber tip is coated in carbon fiber, meaning there’s basically zero friction when you’re moving it around on tablet glass. There are two variants, as well. One that’s just the stylus (the solo) and another with a ballpoint pen on the opposite end (the duo). It comes in a choice of colors, from the more understated silver or grey, to the shoutier blue, green, orange and pink. %Gallery-slideshow219689%

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