Vizio Introduces VTAB 3010 at CES 2012

A year after Vizio stopped solely concentrating on TVs and joined the market for Android tablets and smartphones, they are finally ready to come out with their second tablet.

During CES this year, Vizio surprised everyone by announcing their upcoming line of laptop computers. However, this did not mean that Vizio already abandoned the tablet market. In fact, the company gave teasers about their second tablet, known more popularly as the M series but is really called the VTAB 3010.

Compared to the VTAB 1008, the new model has similarities on the 10-inch screen of the iPad. Moreover, the promo image of the new tablet indicates features such as front and back cameras, as well as Micro HDMI and Micro USB ports. Even its dual-purpose as a remote control, the new model is highly similar to last year’s model. Upon purchase, the tablet comes loaded with Google Mobile Apps including the Android Market.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why the VTAB 1008 wasn’t a big hit among many people was because of some issues on the dim viewing angles and the bulky design. In addition, many were disappointed that its partnerships with Netflix and Hulu did not arrive as fast as they hoped. But hopefully, Vizio has learned their lesson and has listened to the concerns expressed by their reviewers.

With regards to its pricing and availability, Vizio still has not given any specifics. However, sources say it might come soon to a nearby Costco or Sam’s Club branch.

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