Verizon Wireless And Google Working on Android Tablet to Rival iPad

Oh boy. Things between Apple, Google, and Verizon Wireless are definitely getting very interesting. Both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have published an article each confirming that Verizon Wireless is working in partnership with Google to develop a tablet that will rival the Apple iPad and its official carrier, AT&T. The information comes directly from none other than Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam, who reportedly made the announcement today during an interview.

“We’re looking at all the things Google has in its archives that we could put on a tablet to make it a great experience,” said McAdam. He went on to say that tablets are part of the “next big wave of opportunities.”

According to Bloomberg, Verizon Wireless spokesman Marquett Smith confirmed during a phone interview that the tablet will run Google’s Android OS. He also stated that more details will be revealed this week. Google, on the other hand, did not respond to requests for comment.

Now, the question that is currently lurking in everyone’s mind right now is: how will this affect the rumored CDMA iPhone for Verizon Wireless? Well, you can imagine that Apple must not be happy at all that Verizon Wireless is backing up its biggest competitor. Additionally, the fact that Verizon Wireless is completely open about working with Google could suggest that Apple and the carrier never intended to launch a CDMA version of the iPhone together.

At this point, we are as confused as anyone else. Just yesterday, we learned that Apple confirmed in 2008 that it signed a five-year iPhone exclusivity deal with AT&T. Then, this morning, we heard rumors stating that Verizon Wireless hired Landor Associates to work on an iPhone ad campaign. If we truly hope to find out something, it’s better to wait until June, when Apple officially announces the next generation iPhone, and reveals which U.S. carriers will offer it.

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