Verizon HTC 10 pre-orders now shipping (update: now available in store)

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Update – May 5th:

Not only have pre-orders already hit hands, but starting today you can walk into most Verizon stores and come out with an HTC 10. Online orders will also start shipping immediately.

Original – May 4th:

If you pre-ordered the Verizon HTC 10 then today is your lucky day. HTC has already promised pre-orders will ship this week and more than a few folks over on Reddit have already begun receiving their shipping info. Multiple others have now been charged too, meaning their orders will soon be fulfilled.

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Thursday is expected to be the day the Verizon HTC 10 arrives on doorsteps for the early bird pre-orderers, but several Redditors have noted the card transaction was blocked by their banks. If you pre-ordered you might want to quickly double check to make sure your payment has gone through as planned.

Unfortunately, the usual barrage of lawsuit claims for false advertising are already being bandied about based on HTC’s promise that HTC pre-orders would be available “before anyone else”. With Verizon devices already shipping and no word on pre-orders yet, the flame wars are only going to get worse before the 10 finally gets into people’s hands.

Did you pre-order the HTC 10? Has yours shipped yet?

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