Up to 1 million Nexus 7 tablets sold by Google so far?

So Google’s poorly leaked / released financial results for the third quarter of the year caused quite a commotion today, with Google shares dropping almost 10% when news broke out that Google has missed estimated earnings for Q3 2012.

However, while the final report offers various details about the Search business, and highlights Motorola’s continued losses, details about direct device sales are not offered. But analysts believe they have found some evidence in the final earnings report that points to 800,000 to 1 million Nexus 7 sales during the period.

According to ZDNet, Google’s “other income” line from its earnings report showed revenue of $666 million, up from $385 during the same period last year. And that other revenue may reflect Nexus 7 sales. Here’s what Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said about those numbers:

We believe Google’s Other Income of $666 (compared to Street at $477) suggests that Google likely sold 800k-1m Nexus 7s in Q3. Excluding our estimated Nexus 7 impact, core net revenues would have been up 2.5% q/q vs. 4.7%.

If those numbers are correct, then it means Google has sold at best over 10,000 Nexus 7 units per day since the device was announced and offered for pre-order in the last days of June. Is that too much? Too little?

Google has not specified any Nexus 7 sales numbers to date – and we would assume such numbers would be made public since, after all, Google keeps announcing daily Android activations every chance it gets.

Furthermore, earlier reports said that Google would sell from 6 to 8 million Nexus 7 units this year, but is that really possible / happening?

Let’s not forget that the new Kindle Fires are also out and that the iPad mini will soon be announced to deliver yet another blow to Android tablets. Pair that with the launch of Windows 8 / RT tablets, and you’ll see that Android tablets manufacturers will have a tough time getting the upper hand in a niche they failed to conquer.

Finally, if those Nexus 7 sales numbers, then Carphone Warehouse’s recent revelation, that the Nexus 7 is the best sold Android tablet in its lineup, paints a dire picture for the entire Android tablet ecosystem.

Does anybody know how many Nexus 7 tablets have been sold to date?

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