Twitter could stop including links and photos in the character limit

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Many expressed outrage (or at least bewilderment) when Twitter revealed that they were toying around with expanding the character limit from 140 to 10,000, but the latest change to come to the world’s least verbose social media site may be a far more welcome change. According to a report from Bloomberg, an unspecified source in the know has leaked that Twitter is planning on changing the way that the service counts characters, meaning photos and links will no longer count against your quota.

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Even those who thought that 10,000 characters was a bridge too far will probably think this is a reasonable alteration. After all, little is more frustrating than having to rephrase your brilliant witticism because adding the link or pic that you’re commenting on put your character count over the limit. Since the rapid-fire nature of the website makes it prime real estate for live events or developing situations, it is the developers’ hope that removing these pre-existing restrictions will encourage people to post more non-textual content.

This reportedly-looming change is still just a rumor, but it seems like the source is solid. If the company does indeed decide to roll out this update, then we can expect to stop seeing these metatextual elements count against our word-counts sometime in the next two weeks. While we wait around, what are your thoughts regarding this change? A reasonable tweak or something that destroys the cornerstone of Twitter? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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