Turns out the all-metal LG G5 is actually half plastic

LG G5 Teardown JerryRigEverything

No April Fool’s Day jokes here kids, a teardown of the LG G5 has revealed that the all-metal housing is mostly plastic made to look like metal. JerryRigEverything posted the video on YouTube, during which he took a boxcutter to the back, revealing the thick layer of plastic beneath.

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Now, if you’ve held a G5 you’d already know it is remarkably light for a metal phone. This video gives us the reason why. Now, if I were one to prognosticate I probably would have guessed this to be true already, but such is the sway of marketing and the assurances OEMs give us that we don’t typically think that we need to double-check every claim they make.

As you can see in the video, the internal chassis is aluminum but the back cover is a thick layer of hard plastic. On top of this is a thin sheet that provides the actual exterior surface of the LG G5. The surface you actually feel on the phone could be foil or simply a metallic-look paint, but it most definitely is not metal.

Decide for yourself if you think LG is misleading consumers by calling the LG G5 a metal phone, or be happy that you get the premium feel of metal with the light weight and shock absorbent properties of plastic. The internal structure is aluminum, but if everything you see and hold onto is plastic, can you really say the G5 is a metal phone?

We’ve reached out to LG for clarification and will update this post with any official comment.

What do you think of this news? Do you think it is deceptive advertising?

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