Tired of the same news stories from Google Now? You can now get rid of them

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Sometimes I wonder where the heck the Search Giant grabs its Google Now news stories from. For how much the company knows us, it seems they are doing a lackluster job in this particular department.

The issue is not being fixed quite yet, but at least you can make that stream of random news a bit better with time and a bit of effort. As Redditor user Knight-Adventurer noticed, Google Now is now allowing you to further customize your news feed.

It’s more of a manual approach, as opposed to today’s usual (and also basic) way of telling Google what you are interested in. Now you can tell Google what you are not interested in.


Whenever you see something you don’t like in your Google Now news feed, simply tap on the 3-dot menu button and select “Note interested in stories from ____”. After that, you shouldn’t be bothered by Google’s bad news choices any more.

This is definitely not the best solution we could envision, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe Google will continue working on improving this in the future. But tell us, guys – how many of you are annoyed by the news you get on Google Now?

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