There will be no 7-inch Sony tablet, Sony wishes to keep focus on high end market

Sony has certainly been making some interesting moves of late. On one end, the company is laying off 1,000 employees and has even killed off its optical disc drive unit. On the other end, it has been quite busy of late with several new Xperia smartphones and even the new 9.4-inch Xperia Tablet S.

What about a 7-inch Sony tablet though? Recently, this sector of the tablet market has been heating up with new entrants like Google’s Nexus 7 and the upcoming release of the rumored iPad Mini. Despite this growth, Sony says that they aren’t interested in the lower-end 7-inch market.

Sony affirms that its plans lay squarely at focusing on the premium and higher-end markets. The idea here is to create innovative, high-end consumer devices going forward. Honestly, this is something that Sony has arguably always been known for.

With the budget sector becoming increasingly crowded, I suppose such a move makes sense. Beyond its great Android-based devices, Sony has also started prepping for Windows 8 devices – namely tablets and laptops that run on the technology.

What do you think, do you wish that Sony would release a budget-oriented 7-inch Sony tablet or prefer to keep to Sony for higher-end devices?

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