The creator of Fenix has made a new RSS reader app called Quote

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The Twitterverse has long held Fenix in high regard for being clean, customizable and feature-packed. The maker of Fenix for Twitter, Matteo Villa (aka mvilla), has just released a new RSS reader app for Android called Quote. Quote supports Feedly and Inoreader and it looks every bit as solid as Fenix.

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Quote is a very minimal and slick looking RSS client. It provides a great full-screen reading experience and supports caching for offline reading. As you might expect, Quote also contains some nice customization options for different fonts, leading (the space between lines of text) and alignment. Sharing, copying and favoriting are all accomplished with a bottom navigation bar.

Quote screenshots 1Quote also supports gestures for reading, navigation, sharing and copying. It feels a little bit like a refresh of the now-defunct RSS reader Press butĀ lacks push notifications. With any luck these will potentially come at a later date.

Quote is a free install but you will be asked to contribute a couple of bucks to remove ads, use multiple accounts or unlock more themes. If you’re happy with the dark grey color scheme and don’t have several RSS feeds, there’s nothing wrong with the free version, but as always, if you can afford to, it’s always nice to support the developer.


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Do you use an RSS reader? What do you thinkĀ is the best?

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