The Aigo N700 Tablet PC

It seems that this year is turning out to be a year of tablet PCs, and this summer another five tablets are coming our way – courtesy of Aigo. Yes, the company that has been making USB memory sticks and Solid State Drives for several years now has gone into overdrive and decided to unleash all five tablet PCs in one go. By the time July rolls around, there will be Aigo Tablets in the 4, 5 and 7 inch categories available from retailers.

The most noteworthy amongst the 5″ tablets from Aigo (which stands for ‘patriot’ in Chinese) is perhaps the N700, which, if it indeed makes it to the market, will be the first Tegra 2 powered Android tablet to do so. What makes the N700 Tablet PC special is the impressive array of features included. Built on the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform, the N700 right now will be running Android 2.x, though an upgrade to 2.2 Froyo will be included soon. Connectivity options will be taken care of by the built-in 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies. Of course, the highlight of the N700 is likely to be the 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. Storage requirements will be taken care of by 32GB of onboard disk space.

The Aigo N700 will be up against similar offerings from Samsung, Dell, Archos, and Acer in the 7 inch tablet category.

More on this soon.

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