Take a VR tour of the White House to celebrate the holidays

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Looking for some VR content to enjoy this holiday season? I won’t deny there isn’t much to check out, but videos, games and other interactive media are starting to pop up more and more. The latest comes courtesy of the US government and Google. It’s a holiday-themed 360-degree video tour of the White House.

What makes this video special is not only that you get to play around with your VR goggles, but also that it is one of the few videos created by Google’s JUMP VR camera rig, which consists of 16 GoPro units. It takes you through the president’s residence and showcases all the decorations and special events happening within.


In addition, the Search Giant has added this video to to the Google Expeditions movement. Teachers and other educators can now take their students on a virtual field trip to the white house, regardless of where they are.

You can use your Google Cardboard (or any headset that works with YouTube) to get watching. Simply move your head around to look at everything around you. Alternatively, you can watch this on any computer and just switch your perspective by clicking and dragging with your mouse.

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Interested? Here is the video. I gave it a watch and must say the quality is not up to par with what I expected. The whole video seems a bit muddy/blurry. I have to say I expected much more from 16 GoPro cameras, but why don’t you tell us what you think? Watch it and hit the comments to give us your 2 cents on the video.

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