Sprint users can pay for Amazon Prime as a monthly add-on to their bill (first 60 days are free)

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Reaping the benefits of Amazon Prime is not really costly considering all you get, but the high one-time $99 yearly fee can be a bit hard to swallow. Amazon offers a way to pay for it monthly, and now does Sprint too. The carrier has just announced a new exclusive deal it has scored with Amazon, in which customers can pay for Amazon Prime through their monthly bill.

It would simply be included as an add-on, priced at $10.99. That will add up to $131.88 per year, which is significantly pricier than just paying for Prime up front. Some people will really enjoy the convenience of having the cost added to an already-existing bill, though. It’s one less thing to worry about. Not to mention the fact that Sprint is throwing in a pretty nice incentive.

Sprint is also willing to give you 60 days of Amazon Prime for free, if you sign up for this add-on during July. Subscribers can then cancel their subscriptions if they so desire, making this a very sweet free trial period.

Of course, you get everything you would expect from an Amazon Prime subscription, including free 2-day shipping, access to Amazon Instant Video, unlimited music streaming, unlimited cloud storage through Prime Photo, free Kindle books, early access to lightning deals and more.

Interested? You can sign up following the next steps!

How to sign up

  1. Visit www.sprint.com/amazonprime, call 1-(800)-SPRINT1 or go to the nearest Sprint store to sign up for Amazon Prime on your Sprint account.
  2. After adding Amazon Prime to a Sprint account, the customer will receive a text message with an activation link to complete registration.
  3. Once registration is complete, the customer can immediately begin to enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime.
  4. Customers can also access preloaded or downloaded Amazon apps for easy access to Prime content on compatible smartphones.

Are you signing up for Amazon Prime through Sprint? Would you rather just pay the one-time $99 fee? Hit the comments and share your 2 cents!

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