Sprint helping Pokemon Go players with free charging stations, help and lures

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With over 20 million daily active users, Pokemon Go is now the most successful game in US history. People are trying to catch more than Pokemon, though. Companies are also trying to get their piece of the pie. T-Mobile is aiming for more subscribers by offering a free year of Pokemon Go data, and sponsored locations are coming soon.

Now we have Sprint trying to lure more people into their stores by offering a nice rest stop for all Pokemon Go users. The carrier has announced they will have special charging stations for Pokemon trainers. In addition, they will have lures trying to draw more Pokemon into stores and will provide “experts” to help you on your adventures.

Sprint store

These perks will be available at Sprint and Boost Mobile locations all across the USA. You can find Sprint and Boost Mobile locations by visiting their official sites.

“We welcome Pokémon Go players to visit their local Sprint and Boost Mobile stores to capture some of the monsters in town. Our knowledgeable staff will help you download the game on your phone, explain how it’s played, locate PokéStops in the area and even provide a power up for your device so game players can continue their adventures fully charged.” -Roger Sole, Sprint chief marketing officer

This seems like a smart idea to get more people walking into Sprint stores. After all, GPS, constant screen-on time and all that processing power will surely kill your phone battery in no time. You will need those pit stops; and it will probably benefit Sprint, as they will have time to tell you all about their unlimited data plans. They need the help too.

At the rate things are going, there might soon be more Pokemon Go players than Sprint subscribers! According to Statista, as of Q1 2016 Sprint had 30.95 million postpaid customers and 14.4 million prepaid users.

Either way, enjoy your Sprint visits!

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