Sony’s eReaders To Get Android?

I’m all for eReaders. I think the direction they are heading will again transform technology’s role in media, communications and curriculum. No doubtedly Sony wants to go in the direction of having more people adopt their eReader lifestyle. As to how, we may have now received some enlightenment.

This isn’t the first time we find out what lies ahead for a company from their help wanted ads. There is an ad out on Linkedin for “Senior Staff Software Engineer (Android).” The job description was pulled but remains in Google’s cache. It appears that the applicant will be working on “developing application software for digital reading and other consumer electronic devices” all on Android’s platform.

It’s also speculated that the job would include applications for the reader and would include Sony Ericson’s XPERIA phones. It looks like they might be a little late to the eReader+ market. Having applications is nothing new. What is taking so long?

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