SOLD OUT—Cheapest Tablet in the World

So apparently, our previous post on Velocity Micro speaks highly about the device considering it is a low-end tablet. We just found out there’s another cheaper option for those who just plainly want to own an Android tablet of their own. In fact, the title of the cheapest tablet in the world, now belongs to DataWind—for their creation of the Aakash. Just days after it was launched in India, the sub-$50 tablet sold out.

Originally, the device was developed for Indian college and university students. After declaring sold out on the units, DataWind is taking the tablet a step further to an upgraded version and will no longer be taking online orders for the original tablet.

When the Aakash was first announced last fall, the Indian government already placed an order of 100,000 units of the tablet so they could sell it to their students at a subsidized price of only $35. Out of the number they ordered, they gave out 500 tablets for free as well.

Compared to the Aakash, the newer model, the Ubislate7+ is slightly priced higher than the original device. But with phone functionality features including WiFi and 3G, it is a standard of its own. While the Aakash was intended for students, DataWind produced a commercial version of the UbiSlate. Ubislate7+ will be sold for under $60. It will be exclusive for pre-order sometime in March.

If you’re hoping to get more information on this low end device, keep tuned to our site as we bring you more news about DataWind’s tablets.

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