Snapchat gets more features, and custom geofilters are easier to make now

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Snapchat for Android is getting some fun formatting features (gotta love some alliteration!). Now you can make your caption italic, bold, and underlined simply by press and holding on the text, and if you’re taking a video Snap, you can press and hold to pin a big caption anywhere in your video.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Snapchat brought substantial changes to the social media world. Everyone wants to do what Snapchat does: Instagram has Stories, and Facebook is more video-centric than ever. Hell, it even introduced its own app called Lifestage, which is essentially Snapchat for – and only for – teens.

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So it’s not surprising that the folks behind Snapchat are keeping themselves busy to bring more and more features to the app. With the most recent update, Snapchat users can now press and hold on a caption to make it italic, bold, and underlined as shown below.

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Not only that, if you’re sending a video Snap, you can click on the T on top to create a big caption; you press and hold on it, and you will be able to pin the caption on anywhere within your video. It’s kind of like tracking autofocus: you pin a caption on your friend’s head, it will stay there even when your friend is moving.

Another neat change is you no longer have to press and hold on a face to bring up the Snapchat Lenses. Instead, a light single tap on the face will do the trick. I’m glad they changed this because on several occasions, I’ve had trouble getting Snapchat to register my long-press on the screen.

One last thing for all the Snapchat aficionados out there: custom geofilters are now really easy to make now. Earlier this year, Snapchat introduced an option for anyone to create their own geofilter through Snapchat’s website, and it’s perfect for weddings, fraternities, big parties, etc. The only drawback was you still needed some Photoshop skills, so it wasn’t really accessible to people without any editing experience.

Well, Snapchat now has multiple templates – which are fully customizable in color, photo, text, etc. – and all you need to do is log in, pick what you like, enter your location, and boom, you now have your own geofilter. Don’t worry, you still have the option to create your own from scratch if you prefer. It’s a brilliant idea for any event with more than just few selfie-loving millennials. Mind you, however, custom geofilters are not free. Depending on the duration and the parameter you set, it will set you back a few hundred dollars.

All you need to do is log in, pick what you like, enter your location, and boom, you now have your own geofilter.

Are willing to dish out a few hundred bucks to create your own geofilter? Let us know by commenting below!

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