Sencha Unveils Sencha Touch

Sencha — formerly Ext JS — today announced the beta release of Sencha Touch™, the industry’s first HTML5-based mobile application development framework. Sencha Touch offers mobile application developers easy access to the family of powerful HTML5 technologies, including Geolocation, localStorage and CSS3, which are supported by today’s most popular mobile devices. Built on the proven foundation of Ext JS, JavaScript technology that is already in use by more than 1 million developers worldwide, Sencha Touch enables developers to build user experiences comparable to native applications. Offline capability, rich animations and deep themeability are just three of the many features provided by the easy-to-use framework.

“HTML5 technologies are here, they’re being adopted very quickly, and by the end of the year, they’ll be running on every mobile device that matters,” said Abe Elias, founder and CEO of Sencha. “As server and client frameworks continue to fragment, the mobile device industry has consolidated on the HTML5-capable Webkit browser as its default platform. We’re tremendously excited to be the first to introduce a professional-grade development framework that leverages the incredible work of the Webkit teams.”

Sencha Touch can be used to create mobile applications for a wide range of purposes, including office productivity, business reporting, customer relationship management, supply-chain management, and more. Demonstration applications created with Sencha Touch can be seen using supported mobile devices at:

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