Second U.S. Apple vs Samsung ‘Siri’ patent case not suspended, judge decides

Samsung and Apple

After initially asking Apple’s and Samsung’s lawyers whether it would be a good idea to suspend a second Apple vs Samsung in the U.S. until the first one is resolved, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh decided that the Siri trial should go through.

The first case between the two saw Apple as a victor, with the jury awarding the iPhone maker $1.05 billion in damages. But that didn’t mean the case was over, with both parties, unhappy with the result, filing appeals.

The same judge decided to cut Apple’s damages by $450 million a few days ago, although a new lawsuit will be needed to determine whether Apple is entitled to more cash from Samsung or not, following their first clash in U.S. courts.

Judge Koh also said the second patent case between the two can go on as scheduled. The trial, whose potential suspension Apple objected to in the first place, is set to start in March 2014 and concerns various search-related patents – hence its Siri nickname.

In this case, Apple alleges that various Samsung devices are in violation of its patented search technology on mobile devices, Siri included. Other patents are also part of the case, and multiple Samsung-made Android devices are targeted. Samsung will have its own counter claims against Apple, although the company is yet to win any case against the iPhone maker, with the majority of its patent infringement claims being shot down in various courts so far, both in the U.S. and in other markets.

However, judge Koh requested that both parties cut down the number of claims they have against each other and the number of expert witnesses to streamline the case. We should have more details on the matter in the months to come, so get ready for another battle between giants.

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