Samsung to release foldable smartphone in 2017


There’s no question that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a success from a revenue standpoint. The device is slated to be one of this year’s biggest sellers in the flagship tier, but there are a few who are less than thrilled with the Galaxy line’s current direction. A stay-the-course philosophy has come to dominate the design of these devices, with enhancements being incremental and safe. Nothing so risky or groundbreaking as the modular LG G5. But don’t count Samsung out of the innovation game just yet. Word on the street is that they’ll be shipping a foldable smartphone in 2017.

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This technology has been in prototype for a while now, but rumor has it that Samsung is partnering up with several different manufacturers and distributors to mass-produce a 7-inch foldable device. These smartphones will have an OLED display that can fold in half like a wallet, which means the device can effectively be used as either a smartphone or a tablet.

Some believe that foldable screens are the next step in the evolution of the smartphone, as groundbreaking as touchscreen tech was in the 00’s. There’s no telling whether or not this will be the case, but it seems clear that, if there’s any chance of that happening, the Korean tech titan is looking to be a major player from day one.

What do you think of this kind of a bendable screen? In our experience, just about anything that’s folded and unfolded on the regular eventually develops a crease. Will that be a concern on these new smart devices? Let us know if you’d be interested in a foldable smartphone in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Android Authority for all the latest innovations in the mobile field and tech at large.

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