Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE ships to US Cellular

Samsung Galaxy Note 101 LTE reaches US Cellular

Americans wanting a Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE of their own have largely been biding their time for a Verizon model. They’re still waiting for that variant to show, but US Cellular isn’t — it just started shipping its own variant of the 4G tablet. From all indications, the slate is largely a branding swap that’s adapted to the carrier’s network, which is good news for prospective buyers who aren’t dead set on Big Red. Pricing might give at least some customers pause, however. US Cellular’s Note 10.1 LTE costs $500 only when it’s paired with at least a 2GB data plan, and $800 no strings attached. With that kind of outlay, you’ll want to be fully committed to the concept of pen-based computing before picking one up.

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Via: Android Central

Source: US Cellular

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