Samsung cancels Windows RT tablet launch in Germany and other European countries

Android versus Windows

We hate to admit this, but when Microsoft announced the coming of Windows-based tablets we got scared there for a second. Android tabs were not doing great at the time, so a focused effort from one of the richest corporations in the world definitely sounded like a threat.

And when Redmond made deals with Samsung, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba, it looked like game over for Google. But only for a second. More specifically, until pricing was revealed.

At which point we started laughing and laughing. And we’re still having a blast every time a new Win 8 or RT-based (especially RT-based) tab is introduced with bells, whistles and close to 1,000 bucks starting prices. Hilarious, isn’t it?

But, you know, we’re Android aficionados, so maybe there’s something we don’t get. And maybe, just maybe, there are people crazy enough to pay the piper and get tabs with software support that’s light years behind Android.


Only there aren’t. The latest proof? Samsung has confirmed the Windows RT-powered ATIV Tab is not to be introduced in Germany and several other unnamed European countries. We’re not going to defend Sammy here, because after all, they did get involved with Microsoft when they should’ve focused more on Android.

But we do appreciate the Koreans’ candor – they’ve confessed the decision to nix the launch came after surveying European retailers and finding very little interest and demand for Windows RT products.

Then again, even if they had tried to sugarcoat it, they wouldn’t have fooled anybody. After all, the ATIV Tab got its US release also canceled following “modest feedback” from retail partners.

But you know what’s got to hurt the most? The fact that this particular tab was going to be more affordable than the Surface RT and Pro. The specs are not too bad either, but just not good enough. Hopefully, this will teach Samsung a thing or two about turning its back to Android.

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