Samsung announces high-speed 64GB UHS-I SD and microSD cards

Samsung is a leading SD card and flash storage manufacturer, and it’s now once again proving it deserves that position by unveiling its UHS-I class SD and MicroSD cards, that can reach speeds of up to 80MB/s (read speed) for the regular SD card, and 70MB/s for the microSD cards, the type of cards you see in many Android phones.

While the SD cards are interesting, too, because it means you can use cards with bigger storage for your point and shoot cameras and whatnot, I think the far bigger news is the introductions of 64GB microSD cards that are supposed to arrive for future LTE-enabled flagship devices. We’ve had phones that supported microSD cards only up to 32GB for years, and now we’re finally going to see phones supporting 64GB of microSD storage. And I wouldn’t be surprised if next year they start supporting 128 GB microSD cards, too.

Samsung’s new UHS-I microSD cards don’t just have large amounts of storage, but also much higher read and write speeds. Samsung promises up to 70MB/s read speed and up to 20MB/s write speed for these Class 10 UHS-I microSD cards. As screen resolutions become bigger, apps become larger, processors become faster, and pictures have more megapixels, it’s necessary to have faster storage to maintain the overall performance of the device, otherwise it will eventually become a bottleneck.

Samsung should make the cards available for sampling in mid October, so I don’t expect to see these in stores until 2013, but phones coming out by the end of the year, especially from Samsung, and perhaps even the Galaxy S3, might be able to support these cards.

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