Rumor: Asus Transformer TF101 to get official Jelly Bean “soon”

With the Ice Cream Sandwich updating process being more or less a fiasco of great proportions, it was only natural to expect a much smoother Jelly Bean rollout at least for high-end Android devices. That hasn’t exactly happened, although things do seem to move a tad faster than the snail-like ICS pace.

One particular manufacturer going by the name of Asus is the pack leader and looks to be doing an above average work in updating as much devices as fast as possible. That’s clearly accountable to the company’s close relations to Google after the joint manufacturing effort of the Nexus 7, although this shouldn’t lessen Asus’ merits, especially thinking that Motorola, which is even closer to Google, is having a really tough time rolling out Jelly Bean.

After wrapping up Android 4.1 updates for the entire line of quad-core Tegra 3-powered 2012 tablets, some might have expected Asus to take a break and rest on its laurels for some time. After all, who else has three devices running Jelly Bean already?

However, Asus hasn’t forgotten about its aging Transformer TF101 tablet either, working as we speak on a Jelly Bean port for the 2011 10-incher. At least that’s what a Mobile Syrup tipster going by the name of Darren claims to have understood after having a chat with a U.S.-based customer service representative.

The Asus official, described as “a manager that had absolutely no incentive to blow smoke” up Darren’s private parts, said that Android 4.1 is coming to the original Transformer, although there’s no official date for the upgrade yet.

The TF101 was released in April 2011 with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU and Android 3.0 Honeycomb, being then updated in March 2012 to Android 4.0 ICS. That was merely weeks after the Prime got an Ice Cream Sandwich official port, so if that’s any indication for Asus’ M.O. we might not have a whole lot to wait for Jelly Bean on the TF101.

Still, you should take today’s report with a big pinch of salt, both because Asus is yet to release an official statement on the matter, but also thinking of all the cases customer service reps messed up or tried to be polite and ended up misinforming users. What do you guys think? Was “Darren” misinformed or was the “manager” telling him the truth? Will we be seeing Jelly Bean on the Transformer by the end of the year?

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