Replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices still having battery issues

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been taking the heat of a major recall due to battery issues and phones catching fire. All affected devices are to get replaced, but it seems the new handsets are still not free of battery woes.

South Korean TV network YTN reports continued issues with exchanged Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. New units are said to be suffering from overheating problems and quick battery power loss.

We knew Samsung wanted to limit the battery from reaching its full capacity. This does mean the new phones should discharge faster, but these reports are disclosing rather extreme cases.

A user, surnamed Choi, claims his phone is draining at 1% per second, despite the phone being plugged in. After leaving it charging all night, his phone never reached even 10%.

What gives? We are not sure if this is happening only in Korea or around the world. We also don’t know if these are isolated events, but a Samsung Spokesperson claims they are, and says these are actually not problems related to the battery. Go figure!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have started making their way to the USA again, so hit the comments to let us know if you have been experiencing any issues with them.

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