Productivity Pack returns: $500 worth of subscriptions only $69.99

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Have you been lying on the couch for the last six weeks binging Netflix and eating Cheetos out of the bag? If so, the Productivity Pack will be no help to you at all. Sadly, you will need more drastic measures. However, if you’ve been at least quasi-productive here lately and would like to become even more productive, then have we got a deal for you.

The Productivity Pack is a subscription bundle that bands together a variety of self-starter, time management, and make-business-happen applications and services for a price so low that it undercuts the base cost of many of the services included. Let’s take a look at what you can get your hands on for just $69.99

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First of all, you get Pocket Premium, a $44.99 per year service that lets you organize saved articles and orchestrate information into powerful workflows. You’ll also get Wunderlist Pro for a year, which lets you create and share lists and to-do sheets on the fly. Normally $50 per year. You’ll also get LastPass Premium, which keeps track of all your passwords and login information safely and securely. Normally $12 per year. Now is when the bundle really steps up its game. Next on the list is UberConference, which is kind of an end-all-beat-all conference call service. Uberconference normally runs $120 per year. This alone might justify the Productivity Pack all by itself.

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But the deals don’t end here. You’ll also get Quip, which is a full workplace coordination suite that usually runs $140 per year. You’re paying half that for this bundle, and you’re getting all this other cool stuff to boot. Finally, Do. Do ( is a meeting organization system that allows for collaborative notetaking, file sharing, and agenda arrangement that would normally cost you $120 a year. As icing on the cake, the Productivity Pack is also throwing in a 12 week subscription to the New York Times.

While it’s true that the Productivity Pack might not be for everyone, if your business has been needing an extra kick of order and organization, the perfect solution might have just fallen into your lap. $70 is a small price to pay to be able to experiment with this variety of premium productivity services, if you have the need.

What do you think of the Productivity Pack? Something you’ll be snatching up, or shall you return to the couch with Cheeto-encrusted shame? Let us know your opinion on this bundle in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Android Authority for the latest deals coming down the tech pipe.

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