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What is Potential Beta?

Potential Beta is a battery monitoring application that allows you to sync multiple devices and view the battery, WiFi, and Bluetooth status of each device. This is helpful if you own multiple devices and want to see the battery state on all of them at once. It’s free to use in the Google Play Store with in app purchases.

Here’s how the app works. You create an account on one device and then sign into that same account on other devices. Once everything is connect, you’ll be able to see the battery level, WiFi, and Bluetooth on all of the connected devices. As an added bonus, you can also turn off WiFi and Bluetooth on any of your devices using any of your other devices. It’s not groundbreaking but it can save you a few seconds.

Along with the core functionality, you’ll also get low battery notifications whenever one of your devices starts getting really low. There is also a widget for those who may want to use that. It’s themed with Material Design so of course it looks bright and colorful but not overly so. The UI is easy to move around in and people shouldn’t have trouble figuring out how to make this app work. The only weird hiccup is that if you do buy the premium version of this app via in app purchases, it’ll take a bit to sync to your other devices. The developer notes that you should not buy this app multiple times. That’s a bad idea.

Potential Beta screenshot

A must have for multiple device people.

  • Lets you see the battery charge remaining on all of your devices.
  • Support for Android and Windows (8 and 8.1 only) currently. Android Wear, iOS, Mac, and Linux support coming soon (according to the developer).
  • You can remotely turn WiFi and Bluetooth on/off if need be.
  • Free to use the core functions. In app purchases required for the premium functions.
  • Developer seems to be very active in adding new features and fixing bugs.
  • It is a beta and beta means there are bugs.

Overall, this is a fun little app and a good one to have if you use multiple devices. A quick glance to see how all of your devices are doing is a lot more efficient than picking up each device. There are some exciting features coming in the future and do keep in mind that this is a beta so there will be bugs.

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