People of Lava’s Android TV Gets Tested

Not a tablet, but still cool.

When we heard an upstart named People of Lava were going to beat Google to the punch with an all-in-one TV set, we were confused, amused and skeptical all at the same time. Thankfully, Expert Reviewsmade a special trip to Sweden to see the company’s Android-powered television in action, and now we know what the unit actually does — it switches between an Android interface and a discrete TV mode without actually mixing the two in any appreciable fashion. Disappointing as that might seem, the publication rather enjoyed the Android side of things, which features not only the above widgets but also a full Chrome web browser, a TV app marketplace, spacious Google Maps page and more. Before you pull out your wallet, though, know that the edge-lit, LG-powered display is intended for the sub-lux crowd; when the Scandinavia ships in September, it’s expected to run as much as £2,000 (around $2,898) for the basic, 42-inch model — or roughly $2,700 more than just sticking with your existing TV and adding a Bonux box for Android functionality. Hit up the link below for a 5-page story.

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