Pay What You Want: Ethical Hacker Bundle

Tech Deals is offering a massive ethical hacking kit in true ‘Humble Bundle’ style. That means you only have to pay $1 if you don’t feel like forking over more.

The baseline bundle consists of one package: Ethical Hacking for Beginners $125 Value(normally $125) 

However, if you pay more than the going average for the bundle – which at the time of writing is hovering around $10 – then you’ll get 6 additional kits, the priciest of which is Web Application Penetration Testing Professional: WAPTP v3.1  ($299 by itself).

Here’s the full rundown:

If you’ve ever wanted to become the kind of internet BAMF who waltzes through firewalls and bends networks to his will, this might be the cheapest available option to get in on the ground floor.

This could even be the beginning of a lucrative career. White hat hacker Bryan Seely – that guy who hacked the FBI using Google Maps from a McDonald’s wifi network – talks about how the demand for security experts is only increasing, and there simply aren’t enough ethical hackers to fill all the available jobs.

You’ll want to hop on this deal quickly, however, because the nature of the ‘pay-above-average’ system means the price to secure the full bundle will steadily increase.

Click the button below to start hacking for as little as $1!

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